Concrete, wood, amplification drivers, 16 x 18″ speakers, Voltage Controlled Oscillators, engraved text over stone
Sala E. Laboratorio Arte Alameda. Mexico City, Mexico

0.001 Hz (~ one hour LFO ) to 30 kHz ( VCO)
Voltage Control of Frequency CV IN ( 1 v / oct)
Temperature compensation circuit
Output voltage range ± 5v
110 v / 220 v Power protected
±12 v to ±15v 20 mA
Eight 4,000W amplification drivers

Signal generator designed by Víctor Mazón Gardoqui

Manfred Fox
Víctor Mazón Gardoqui
Diego Salvador Ríos
Mariana García
Ollín Miranda
Carsten Seiffarth
Jens Brand
Gudinni Cortina

Working with the acoustic properties of the exhibition space, a bass reflex system was designed to emit a signal of 17.8 Hz and its multiple (35.6 Hz).

The text engraved in stone HAEC DICIT DOMINUS EXERCITUM DEUS ISR ECCE EGO INDUCAM DAMNUM SUPER LOCUM ISTUM UT OMNIS QUI AUDIERIT ERIT ATTONITUS, serves as guidance for a speculative process aiming to produce optical illusions by resounding the moods of the eye with acoustic pressure, resonating with the eyebrow to produce visual distortion and vertigo.