Should I Stay or Should I Go
Industrial siren, custom software, micro-controller, hearing protection

Commissioned by CTM Festival

CTM Festival. Group Exhibition curated by Oliver Baurhenn
Kunstquartier Bethanien
Berlin, Germany (2015)

Entre Límites. Group exhibition curated by Carsten Seiffarth
Morelia, Mexico (2016)

CTM Festival
Kunstquartier Bethanien
Dominik Hildebrand
Stefan Roigk
Carsten Seiffarth
Oliver Baurhenn

Once a day, during the opening hours of the exhibition, for a period of 10 continuous minutes, a siren for industrial use emits a tone of 1200Hz at +105 dB.

The activation is made by an electronic interface. Nor the artist, the curatorial team and the guards of the exhibition are able to know when the alarm will be triggered.