Sobre Negro
5kg of gunpowder, 250kg of coal, wireless trigger
Site-specific intervention
La Torre de los Vientos. Mexico City, Mexico

Luis Javier de la Torre
Michel Blancsubé
Sofía Mariscal
Eloy Hernández Reyes
Francisco Kochen
Ollín Miranda
Gudinni Cortina

Detonation of 5 kg of gunpowder alloyed with 250 kg of coal.

This work was produced for Sobre Negro. An intervention to La Torre de los Vientos by Arturo Hernández Alcazar, Juan Pablo Macías and Mario de Vega.

Curated by Michel Blancsubé parallel to an exhibition at Marso Gallery, each of the artists intervened the sculpture, exhibiting the result as a collective work. Hernández Alcazar constructing a furnace to melt metal inside the tower, Macías with a text engraved by hand over  the walls, and de Vega with an explosion carried out without a legal permission to create a sonic imprint over the walls, ceiling and floor of the tower.

La Torre de los Vientos is a 13 meters high sculpture designed by the Uruguayan artist Gonzalo Fonseca to commemorate the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games, located within an area of high vehicular influx in Mexico City.