Time Lapse
Line Array System L’Acoustics KIVA, software, condenser microphones, Non-Liability Agreement
KW. Berlin, Germany

Commissioned by KW

Adela Yawitz
Anna Gien
Dominik Hildebrand
Daniela Silvestrin

For this work, a digital function was programmed to analyze the acoustic activity produced by the visitor of the exhibition, to trigger once, for a period of 10 minutes, an audio signal of 4,000 Hz amplified to a Sound Pressure Level of +105 dB. A frequency range amplified in a scope which could potentially cause physical harm to the exhibit visitor.

The amplification system was installed at the main entrance to the exhibition, and neither the curator, the artist, the exhibition guard or the visitor are certain when the system will be activated. The access was restricted to one visitor at a time, and to entry the exhibition a signed Non-Liability Agreement was mandatory.