Time Lapse
Line Array System, custom software, condenser microphones, text
KW. Berlin, Germany

Commissioned by KW

Adela Yawitz
Anna Gien
Dominik Hildebrand
Daniela Silvestrin

A digital function was implemented to analyze the acoustic activity produced by the visitor of the exhibition, triggering a 4 kHz audio signal amplified to full volume (ca. +115 dBSPL) through a KIVA Line Array System installed right next to the main access of the exhibition space.

Time Lapse is not an interactive system, but a system that analyses and decides when the signal is triggered.

The result is an undefined situation in which neither the curator, the artist, the exhibition guard, or the visitor of the exhibition knows when the system will be activated.

To access the exhibition space a signed Non-Liability Agreement is required. The access is restricted to one visitor at a time.