Calcium oxide, voltage, 2-pole cable, tempered glass, liquid adhesive, gunpowder,
electronic detonator
Site-specific intervention. Variable dimensions
Tempered glass. 180x90x0.3cm, each
SalaSeis. MARSO. Mexico City, Mexico

Sofía Mariscal
Maylen Bourget
Allegra Papa
Goethe Institut Mexiko
Eloy Hernández Reyes
Carsten Seiffarth

Detonation of 3 explosives covered with calcium oxide.

Using the physical force produced by the explosion, the material was spread over the floor, walls, and doors of the exhibition space. Two pieces of crystal of 180x90x0.3cm, each were previously installed in the middle of the room to be used as canvases to produce a formal result obtained by the imprint of the calcium oxide on the glass.