Amplification system, signal generator, direct drive motors, wood, PVC, acoustic foam, software
Site-specific intervention
Großer Wasserspeicher. Berlin, Germany

Composition, programming: Mario de Vega
Construction of rotating surfaces: Torsten Oetken
Mechanics: Carlo Crovato
Location recording: Adam Asnan

Commissioned by Tuned City

Kinetic installation programmed to be in operation during 24 continuous hours. Within this time frame, an algorithm increase resonant qualities of 16 channels of white noise, diffused through a custom-made amplification system.

2 surfaces of 310x230cm were designed and installed in relation to the architecture of the exhibition space. The surfaces rotate independently in a fixed angle, acting as passive filters.

Fall was specially designed and produced for the Wasserturm in Berlin. A structure designed by Henry Gill and built by the English Waterworks Company, which adjacent machine hall was the first concentration camp in Nazi Germany in the first half of 1933.