Protocol (The Messenger)
Whipsnapper (Goasslschnalzer), instructions
Goasslschnalzer: Andreas Rohmer
Ancient Messini, Greece

Commissioned by Tuned City (Berlin, Germany), Onasis Cultural Centre (Athens, Greece)

A whipsnapper from Bavaria, Germany was hired to execute a performative score in the Archeological Site of Ancient Messene; a UNESCO World Heritage located in the Regional Unit of Ithome, founded in 369 BC by the Theban general Epaminondas.

The score pointed locations in the archeological site with bright acoustic qualities. Following this principle, dressed with a typical costume from Bavaria, the interpreter followed the instruction during 3 days, cracking the whip in different locations without previous announcement and with an authoritarian attitude.

Visually, German folklore  is exposed as a symbolic reference of “the stranger” and a comment on political borders and intrusion. Acoustically, a whip crack is exposed as a symbol of domination, force and imposition.