Whipsnappers (Goaßlschnalzen), instructions
Großer Wasserspeicher. Berlin, Germany

Performed by Andreas Rohmer, Klaus-Peter Seher
Recorded by Adam Asnan

Carsten Stabenow
Adam Asnan
Torsten Oetken
Hans Tammen

In spring 1933, Großer Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg -formally known as the SA’s Maschinenhaus I-, served as a “wild concentration camp” in which Communists, Socialists, Jews and other persons unwelcome to the new rulers were interned and murdered without a court ruling.

Prologue, is an action for 2 whipsnappers from Bavaria (Goaßlschnalzen) hired to interact with the acoustic qualities – ca. 20 seconds reverberation – of Großer Wasserspeicher.