Los Confinados (MEMORANDUM)
Digital engine based on Intelligent Automatic Announcement Systems, sixteen 150W horns
Kontakte Festival. Akademie der Künste. Berlin, Germany

Commisioned by Overtoon (Brussels, Belgium), Kontakte Festival (Berlin, Germany)

Malte Giesen
Andrei Cucu
Julia Mitrach
Björn Matzen

Los Confinados (MEMORANDUM) is a cacophony produced by a synthetic assemblage of sonic announcements of covid19 restrictions.

Amplified throughout sixteen horn loudspeakers installed on the roof of Akademie der Künste in Berlin, melody, repetition and harmonic distortion, evoke an aural setting to dig into notions of oppression, trauma, and echoic memory. Due to the installment and position of the amplification sources, the work extends into a public space intervention.